Kristi Davis           

Certified at the Masters Level

Barton Reading & Spelling System

specializing in dyslexia


What I do:  

 I tutor clients on-line 2 to 4 times a week using the Barton Reading and Spelling System, an Orton-Gillingham based approach. I am Certified at the Masters Level by Susan Barton, the creator of The Barton Reading & Spelling System. 


    My clients struggle with reading and spelling.

    They may or may not have been diagnosed with dyslexia

    They range in age from elementary school age to senior adults

    They range in severity of dyslexia from mild to profound


    I began using the Barton System in late 2008 with my own daughter. In 2009, I began tutoring others. In 2012, I became Certified in the Barton System. Then in the spring of 2013, I became Certified at the Advanced Level, and later that same year, I became Certified at the Masters Level. In the fall of 2013, I took the Orton-Gillingham training offered by Reading Assist of Delaware, and I volunteered during the spring semester of 2014 in two Delaware elementary schools. In 2014, I completed Susan Barton’s 48 hour graduate level course, Screening for Dyslexia. Early in 2015, I began working with all of my clients remotely.


    On average, my clients work with me about three years depending on the severity of dyslexia and how often we meet. Obviously, the more often we meet, the faster it goes. We meet a minimum of two times a week for a professional hour of fifty minutes, but I encourage three times a week. Ultimately, three sessions a week cost less because of two things; I offer a discount on the third session, and overall there is less time spent reviewing.


    I love the people I tutor, and I get to know them well. I have the privilege of watching each person learn and experience those “Aha!” moments with our language. I have grown and learned from my experiences with each of them as well. It is all quite rewarding, and yet bittersweet when I watch them fly away. 


    If you or your child is struggling with reading and spelling, I encourage you to review Susan Barton’s list of Warning Signs  You can tutor your child yourself or hire a professional. If you choose the latter, it would be my honor to assist you or your child on this journey.



Kristi Davis