AJ Singh’s & My Technology Suggestions for Success

1. Reading:

    Claro Software (PC/Mac) https://www.clarosoftware.com for desktop applications or websites, suited for Chrome. Pleasant voice with a variety of accents.

    ClaroRead Chrome extension Free and easily installed using Google Play Store, but reads website content only. https://www.clarosoftware.com/claroread-chrome  

     Voice Dream Reader http://www.voicedream.com reads aloud: Bookshare, PDF, webpage, etc. Tap “play.” This is especially useful in college since many of the materials are online.

      KNFB Reader  https://knfbreader.com and  Prizmo  https://creaceed.com/iprizmo 
Take a picture of a newspaper or page of a book and the apps read it back to you.

2. Writing: 

         Dragon Naturally Speaking https://www.nuance.com/dragon.html
Desktop application, internet not required.  

        Speechtexter, free online dictation tool.  https://www.Speechtexter.Com/ 
Requires Internet access 

        Mic — AJ recommends Philips SpeechMike Premium LFH3500

3. Note taking:

     Live Scribe Pen records the instructor while the student is taking notes! 
See how it works-> https://youtu.be/Lg5QQHlepF0