“Shortly after beginning the first homeschool year with our son, we realized that the we wanted to ensure he was taught the Barton curriculum by a strong tutor so he could be confident in those skills forever. We searched and found Kristi Davis, and we must say that she is AMAZING! Kristi has been tutoring our son for almost 2 years, has been such a blessing and is family to us.

Since our son began with Mrs. Kristi, his confidence has improved and his outlook on reading is positive. Kristi has helped our son with the breakdown of every step in the English language to ensure that he understands how to sound out words, learn their meanings, and in turn learn to read.

We are absolutely thrilled with the progress our son has made over the years and continues to make daily. We know that it wouldn't have been possible without Mrs. Kristi Davis and for that we are thankful!” —Mr. & Mrs. K Engram

"I wanted to let you know that Becky received straight A's for the second year in a row! She is now officially a junior and in a few short weeks will be able to drive all on her own!!! Thank you again for all the love you showed her while tutoring her!”  
 –Sherry Willsey  


"You are such a great tutor and so positive. I listen to you tutoring him often. I definitely do not have the patience to do what you do. You definitely have a gift."
– Laura H. 


“Kristi tutored my daughter for a little over 2 years, in that time, my daughter’s reading, writing and speaking improved consistently. Kristi worked with Rachel on reading, spelling, sight word recognition, and many other facets of our language. Rachel’s comprehension skyrocketed! She went from barely reading comic books to reading young adult series. She continues to read for fun, something I was not sure would ever happen. 

Kristi managed to make the tutoring sessions enjoyable and effective. I saw immediate results, and Rachel continued to improve throughout the course. The pace was adjusted to match Rachel’s abilities, which ensured success. I received regular updates on Rachel’s progress and written reports.

I highly recommend Kristi as a tutor for the Barton System. She is compassionate, caring and professional.”
– Varina Caton                                                                 


“I highly recommend Kristi Davis as a tutor for any student struggling with reading and spelling. My son was tutored by Kristi using the Barton Reading & Spelling System and made tremendous progress. Though he has had other support as well, his tutoring with Kristi was instrumental in his becoming the voracious reader that he is today. The tutoring he received with Kristi has given me the peace of mind that he has received the “best” and “most thorough” reading program available with the “best” tutor. Kristi is patient, kind and conscientious. Though my son has tested at the 1 percentile for being able to tell if a letter or number is reversed, he now tests at the 93 percentile on his total reading scores on standardized testing. I attribute much of this success to Kristi."
– Tracy Brown                                                                                                                   


“You have made a HUGE difference in our son's life, and we thank God for you!"
– Elisha Hicks

"It is my great pleasure to share my experience with Kristi Davis, Master level Barton Tutor, who has been tutoring my 12 year old son Nathan who has been diagnosed with profound dyslexia.  They have been working together for three months via remote teaching instruction on the computer.  I was using the program myself for over a year with very slow progress and in desperation reached out to Barton for remote tutors, and truly lucked upon Kristi Davis.  Not only were her rates competitive, but her professionalism and warm personality place her in a league of her own. 

Our biggest triumph with Nathan happened just last Friday night at our oldest child’s rehearsal for her wedding.  Nathan was filling in for the priest who would be officiating the ceremony and was put on the spot to read the gospel reading from the podium in front of the entire wedding party, extended family and friends.  My husband and I squirmed in our seats fearing for Nathan, knowing his extreme fear of reading out loud and in front of so many people.  Much to our surprise, he mounted the podium and began to read with confidence and enthusiasm.  He hit a patch of challenging words, took a deep breath and quickly decoded and moved on.  Roger and I were sure he would leave the podium before the reading was over, but we were wrong.  He finished stronger than he started! 

Roger and I were so proud of Nathan’s accomplishment and can truly attribute his success and confidence to the instruction, positive experience, and caring hands of Kristi Davis.  Tutoring is an expensive part of Nathan’s education to help him learn to handle his dyslexia, but it is the most important and effective use of our money.  I cannot recommend Kristi Davis’ services highly enough.  She has changed my son by building his confidence through her encouragement and knowledge of the Barton System." 

– Cindy Carff